Global Vision Children's Fund Corporation
Do Good. Give Life! “While We Live”

Daniel and Sybil Winans are developers and spokes-persons for Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation (GVCF).

Join Daniel and Sybil in the GVCF “Global Family Project” to end the deaths of 3.8 Million children around the world who die from starvation each year. Together we can “Do Good and Give Life” to many who need our help.

On our watch over the planet, while we live, we must relieve death by hunger, poverty, and misery of their duties. Children of poverty must be fed, and not eaten by death from starvation, malnutrition, and under-nutrition. The “Global Family Project” is GVCF’s primary mission; yet, it is not our only mission.

Other children who are not experiencing death by hunger (1.3 Billion) live in poverty, misery, and disadvantaged conditions in the USA and around the world. These children receive compassion, help, and hope from GVCF through its “Care Outreach” program. GVCF is a USA-based non-profit 501(c)(3) Charitable/Humanitarian organization doing outreach work in America and abroad in partnership with other non-profits.

GVCF partners with family home, shelter, and foster care programs such as The Heart Gallery and Finding My Shoes of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Girl’s and Boy’s Town USA, community feeding programs: Second Harvester’s Food Banks, Feed The Children, and InTymes of Need, Inc. of Georgia, and the global outreaches of Compassion International, Mercy Ship Medical Missions, World Vision, Global Citizen and many more.

Join Daniel and Sybil in the fight against global poverty and hunger, as well as support our kids needing foster care and other assistance here in America. Donate to GVCF’s “Global Family Project” and “Care Outreach” program today.

Partner with Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation and help Daniel and Sybil Winans save many children from death and help others find their way in life.

Click the donate button now and give to the “Global Family Project” and “Care Outreach” program.

A $120 Donation Will Feed One Child For A Year
Your $120 Donation Breaks Down to only .33 Cents Per Day
All Donations Of Any Amount Are 100% Tax Deductible

Thank you for becoming a Partner with Global Vision Children’s Fund and joining “An Army of Hope to Children in Need.”

Do Good. Give Life! “While We Live”

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