Winans Bloodline Management (WBM) is a global music, media, and entertainment company performing music and video production, distribution, and promotion services. Our vision and goal is development, production, distribution, and promotion of artists who deliver world-class performances by engaging, captivating, and inspiring audiences that expect excellence in musical entertainment.

Daniel Winans musical family is an important part of his first love. He is the sixth son of David "Pop" Winans and Deloris "Mom" Winans of the legendary, multi-Grammy winning Winans Family. Daniel was raised in an environment of performance art and music excellence. The Winans Family taken as an entity has more Grammy awards than any other entity in the USA.

Daniel Winans is a highly in-demand performer who shares his music on some of the largest stages in America. His voice captivates audiences everywhere with his Urban/R&B sound and style. He is well received in Europe, the Caribbean, and many other places abroad. Daniel sang for the long-time family friend, the late, Great, Whitney Houston on her wedding day when she married Bobby Brown.

Winner of the music world's highest honor for excellence in music entertainment, the Grammy award, Daniel Winans leadership as CEO and President of Winans Bloodline Management is characterized by that same spirit of excellence. In each of the services offered to our clients, excellence in music and video production meeting industry highest standards are WBM's signature products and hall mark in the global music, media, and entertainment industries.

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